Great riding along the secondary roads between the most valuable cities in the European part of Russia...
Dear riders,
Today is the exact moment to talk about our "classics". You are very much welcome to join us in our Moscow - St.Petersburg Tour, that offers some great riding along the secondary roads between the most valuable cities in the European part of the country. Among the list we have the biggest Russian city (Moscow), the oldest Russian city (Novgorod), the very western Russian mainland city (Pskov) and the most unrussian city in Russia (St. Petersburg).

This tour is a great combination of traditions, culture, national heritage and contrasts of the biggest country in the world.

ROUTE: Moscow – Valday – Saint-Petersburg – Pskov – Moscow

DATES: June-August

DURATION: 10 days (5 riding days + 3 rest days + 2 days arrival/departure)

MILEAGE: 2000 km (1243 miles)


TOUR LEVEL: Intermediate

PRICE: from 3250 EUR (includes BMW GS bike rent)
We will start our journey in Moscow, a breathtaking modern metropolis. Local guide will show us the capital's main sights including Kremlin, Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre and the most beautiful underground in the world.

Driving through the countryside areas of central Russia and Valday national reserve we will approach Novgorod, a medieval town that used to be a part of famous Hansa union.
Our next stop is St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of the country. We will enjoy staying a few days in the most unrussian city in Russia. Sightseeing city tour together with visiting the famous Hermitage museum and Peterhof gardens will highlight all the European values this city has inherited and preserved since it was founded.
A road to Pskov, the very western Russian mainland's town protected by UNESCO, will go along the farmlands and tiny villages showing you the traditional rural life.

On the way back to Moscow we will stay in a park hotel located at the shore of the lake and surrounded by age-old forest. This tour will guarantee you the very best impressions of your visit to Russia.

1. Visit both Russian capitals: modern and vivid Moscow and charming St. Petersburg

2. Enjoy ancient medieval towns Pskov and Novgorod starting their history in the IX-X centuries

3. A touch to UNESCO heritage monuments

4. Exploring both – rural and urban life of Russia

5. Try traditional Russian banya (steam room) and local cuisine
Key Tour Highlights
Moscow, the Red Square
Located in the heart of spiritual center of Russia, forming a gorgeous architectural ensemble together with the Moscow Kremlin and Bazel's cathedral, witnessing the main historical, cultural and political events it attracts tourists from all over the world. Taking a group picture with all the bikes lined up at the Red Square is a must do thing in that tour
The Real Rural Life
Driving through endless farmlands, countryside and villages will give you a chance to see life of general people, raised with respect to the hard labor. Cozy little wooden huts and houses, gardens blooming at the back yards, home-grown fruits and vegetables which are there for a try, all of these will show you the true side of life in the remote places
St. Petersburg, Historical City Center and Neighborhoods
The most European city in Russia, cultural capital of the country, a museum under the sky, a place where most talented Russian artists, musicians and writers used to live, a city of three revolutions, St. Petersburg represents the country's pride and heritage. A visit to the State Hermitage Museum, hosting one of the biggest collections of Art in the world will show you the masterpieces of Raphael, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and others
Russian Traditions and Food
Drinking tea from the Samovar, a Russian traditional fire-wood heated pot, is something absolutely authentic and unique. Relaxing in a Russian banya (a high temperature steaming room) with the traditional birching massage, the way how locals do it, will be something totally unforgettable. And of course, the diverse Russian cuisine that will be served during the entire tour will make you feel like in a gastronomic paradise
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