TOP-3 Motorcycle Tours to Start Exploring Russia...
Dear friends and fellow adventure riders,
So, here you are. In a one-step distance to start (or may be continue?) your great journey in exploring Russia, the largest country on the planet. Covering more than 15% of world's land, spanning 11 time zones across Eurasian continent and being surrounded by 3 oceans, this gigantic country has so much to see and visit.

But how hard is it to make up your mind on where to go? What attracts you most: culture, museums and historical places, cruising along the coastline, challenging rough off-roads, exploring vast Siberian taiga forests or maybe riding along the serpentines through the mountain ranges?

We all have it for you, but it would be still so hard to choose. Today we introduce you our TOP-3 tours that are best for the first ride in Russia. Look them through, choose the one you like and make this very first step to the big Russian adventure.
Moscow – St. Petersburg Motorcycle Tour: Never Ending Classic
A number one in our list is this absolutely perfect tour for the first visit to Russia. You will see both Russia's capitals, together with enjoying some great riding along the countryside roads between them.
We will start our journey with a city tour in Moscow and after that, driving through the countryside areas and crossing the Volga river with a ferry, we will approach a small town Tver. After a visit to Valday National Park we will reach Novgorod, a medieval Hansa Union town.

DATES: please see HERE

ROUTE: Moscow – Valday – Saint-Petersburg – Pskov – Derbovezh – Moscow

DURATION: 10 days (5 riding days + 3 rest days + 2 days arrival/departure)

MILEAGE: 2000 km (1243 miles)

ROAD DESCRIPTION: 100% asphalt

TOUR LEVEL: Intermediate

PRICE: from 3250 EUR (includes BMW750/850GS rent)
Our next major destination will be the cultural capital of the country - Saint-Petersburg, or Venice of the North how many people call it. We will enjoy staying a few days in the city as it has so much to offer that several days will pass like a flash.

Road back to Moscow will go through Pskov, ancient town protected by UNESCO, and many farmlands and tiny villages showing you the traditional rural life.

1. Visit both Russian capitals: modern and vivid Moscow and charming St. Petersburg

2. Enjoy ancient medieval towns of the 9-10th century, small villages and towns

3. A touch to UNESCO heritage monuments

4. Try traditional Russian banya (steam room) and local cuisine
Key Tour Highlights
Moscow, Kremlin and the Red Square
Taking a group picture with all the bikes lined up at the heart of spiritual center of Russia, is a must do thing in that tour. A visit to Kremlin is another must do thing if you are the first time in Russia. This medieval fortress preserves many ancient buildings and history of many centuries
St. Petersburg, Historical City Center and the State Hermitage Museum
The most European city in Russia, cultural capital of the country, a museum under the sky, a place where most talented Russian artists, musicians and writers used to live, a city of three revolutions, St. Petersburg represents the country's pride and heritage
Russian Traditions and Food
Drinking tea from the Samovar, relaxing in a Russian banya with the traditional birching massage and of course trying the diverse Russian cuisine is something absolutely authentic and unique
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Sochi – Elbrus – Volgograd Moscow: one-way tour in May
This fantastic ride along the Southern provinces of Russia has everything to impress you - rich granary regions together with national parks and reserves, fantastic mountains ranges with the highest peaks in Europe, Black Sea coast with Olympic Sochi and, of course, the capital of the country, gorgeous Moscow.
We run this tour in two directions: in May from Sochi to Moscow and in September from Moscow to Sochi. Today let's talk about the Sochi - Moscow tour
We start in Sochi, located in a unique for Russia warm and sunny sub-tropical climate zone along the Black Sea. After exploring Olympic park and ski resorts right in the near, we move along the coastline down the serpentine roads surrounded by palm trees in the direction of the Northern Caucasus mountain range.
As we pass numerous small towns and villages, we approach different mountain peaks. First Lago-Naki plateau in Adygea, then Dombay and finally Elbrus. Here we stay in the hotel located at 2400 meters above the sea level. We use a rest day to rise up with a cable car to elevation of more than 3850 meters, from there we can take a snow cat that brings us up to almost 4250 m.

DATES: 12-25 May 2024

ROUTE: Sochi – Adygea – Dombai – Elbrus – Elista – Volgograd – Borisoglebsk – Skornyakova – Moscow

DURATION: 14 days

MILEAGE: 3750 km (2330 miles)


TOUR LEVEL: Intermediate

PRICE: from 3950 EUR (includes BMW750/850GS rent)
Our next point of interest is Stavropol, a city surrounded with vast steppes and farmlands with fields of wheat, corn and sunflowers. According to various polls, it's one of the best cities in Russia for living.

Riding along the countryside area we pass plenty of little towns and villages where the rural life of average people is clearly seen. Visiting former noble estates of XIX century and other places of interest we approach Moscow, the capital of Russia. We have a full day city tour here and take pictures with the bikes at the Red Square.

1. Great diversity of regions, roads, places, history and culture

2. Visit Sochi Olympics heritage

3. Ride serpentine roads along the Black Sea coastline and the Caucasus Mountains

4. Enjoy Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe

5. Explore modern and vivid Moscow – the capital of Russia
Key Tour Highlights:
Moscow, Kremlin and the Red Square
Gigantic metropolis, the ancient capital of Russia. The Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral, Gum, Bolshoi Theatre, Arbat – all of these is Moscow. In addition to its rich history, Moscow is the heart of modern Russia with a population of 15 million people, and the business center of the country
Elbrus, the Highest Peak in Europe
Located at the elevation of 5642 m. this highest peak in Europe is the real gem of the North Caucasus. Ascending up the snowy slopes of this giant will open you some of the majestic views of the Caucasus mountain range
Sochi, the Capital of the Winter Olympics 2014
Located in the very Southern area of Russia, Sochi attracts tourists not only with its soft sub-tropial climate but also, with all that sport heritage that is carefully preserved, maintained and used
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Moscow - Vladivostok: the Trans-Siberian Route, 10 000 km, Once in a Lifetime Adventure
So, what about the once in a life time adventure? Here we go – our Trans-Siberian tour with crossing all of Russia from West to East. 10 000 km. of perfect roads, 7 time zones to cross, 22 regions to visit, 20 nationalities favoring 4 religions to meet and all of that in 25 days.
The legendary Trans-Siberian Road is one of the longest in the world. We start in Moscow, the capital of Russia, where we will see Kremlin and Red Square, and then we go East. After crossing the Ural Mountains, we will find ourselves in Asian part of the continent and enter Siberia, the immense land of forests, steppes, rivers, lakes and mountains, stretching for many thousands of kilometers.

DATES: 1-25 of June, 1-25 of July, 1-25 of August

ROUTE: Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan – Izhevsk – Ekaterinburg – Tyumen – Omsk – Novosibirsk – Kemerovo – Krasnoyarsk – Tulun – Olkhon (Lake Baikal) – Irkutsk – Ulan-Ude – Chita – Yerofey Pavlovich – Blagoveshchensk – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok

DURATION: 25 days (17 riding days + 6 rest days + 2 days arrival/departure)

MILEAGE: approx. 10000 km (6213 miles)


TOUR LEVEL: high, only for experienced motorcyclists. There will be little dirt, but it is a very long ride

PRICE: from 9950 EUR (includes BMW F750/850GS rent)
We stop at the Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater reservoir in the world, and breathe in the Pacific breeze at the foot of the Tokarev lighthouse in Vladivostok. A Tran-Siberian Tour is not an easy ride, but a real adventure, in which you will see Russia the way it really is.

1. Ride the Trans-Siberian Route

2. Explore Siberia, visit the Lake Baikal, Ural Mountains

3. Visit 22 different regions, end up in Vladivostok, at the Pacific Ocean

4. 10000 km of perfect riding

5. See real Mother Russia
Key Tour Highlights:
Siberia and Lake Baikal
Covering 70% of Russia's territory and keeping most of the national resources this vast land has so much to explore. Whatever you will see – Ural Mountains, Buryatia steppes, Siberian Taiga forests or gigantic Baikal lake, you will be amazed with how beautiful this country is
Diverse Russian Cuisine
Let's make it clear – borsch and pelmeny are not the only Russian food. All the peoples in our country have something absolutely authentic and incredibly tasty in their cuisine. That will turn your journey into a real gastronomic paradise
The Distance
Just think about it one more time – you will cover 10 000 km. of roads. What a great ride can it be?
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