Moscow - Vladivostok Tour, probably the best ride you can have in Russia. Like every long adventure, it's interesting, challenging and memorable...
In this newsletter we will give you some more information about our Moscow - Vladivostok Tour (the Trans-Siberian Route), probably the best ride you can have in Russia. Like every long adventure, it's interesting, challenging and memorable.

Total distance is aprox. 10000 km (6214 miles). You will cross all Russia and most part of Eurasia, from Moscow to the Far East.

We start our adventure in the Heart of Russia at the Red Square in Moscow, and finish at Tokarevsky lighthouse on the Pacific Ocean coast in Vladivostok. Most of the tour runs through Siberia. This vast part of Russia is a harsh land of forests and rivers, mountains and lakes, as well as incredibly hospitable and helpful people.

If you have any doubts or concerns about this ride, we hope they will diminish after reading this newsletter.

TOUR DATES: 1-25 of June, 1-25 of July, 1-25 of August

DURATION: 25 days (17 riding days + 6 rest days in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Lake Baikal and Vladivostok + 2 days arrival/departure)

Moscow - N. Novgorod - Kazan - Izhevsk - Yekaterinburg - Tyumen - Omsk - Novosibirsk - Kemerovo - Krasnoyarsk - Tulun - Olkhon (Lake Baikal) - Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude - Chita - Y. Pavlovich - Blagoveshchensk - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok

MILEAGE: 10000 km (6214 miles)


TOUR LEVEL: high, only for experienced motorcyclists. There will be little dirt, but it is a very long ride

GROUP: 8-10 riders + 2 guides (bike + support vehicle)

PRICE: from 9950 EUR (includes BMW GS bike rent)

  • Motorcycle rental (BMW F750/F850GS, extra charge for R1250GS - 500 EUR)
  • Petrol (for rented motorcycles only)
  • Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (single occupancy). In addition, we will have only one night in a real local motel, because there are no other options in this place.
  • Breakfasts (during all days)
  • Lunches and dinners (during riding days; w/o alcoholic drinks)
  • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle
  • Support vehicle assistance
  • Entry tickets to the places of interest and excursions with local guides
  • Hotel transfers from/to the airport
  • Welcome dinner
  • Souvenir pack (t-shirt, paper maps, etc.)
  • Visa assistance
Russia is a big country: there are 85 regions in total and you will see 22 of them. There will be 7 time zones and 4 different religions during the tour, plus a diversity of landscapes. In no other country in the world you can see such a variety of places and sights – forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, steppes, small villages and big cities, you will see all this during the ride.

Average age of the participants is 55-70 years old. Sometimes we have younger riders and almost every time there are people at the age of 72-73. In general, there are no age restrictions, anyway please soberly assess your strength – Trans-Siberian Route is a long and challenging ride and you must be in good physical and mental shape to do it.
Key Tour Highlights
It's the territory stretching for many thousands of miles from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The harsh land of forests and rivers, mountains and lakes, as well as incredibly hospitable and helpful people. A place where you will feel the vastness of the expanses of Russia and their diversity. There are a lot of stories and legends about Siberia, and to many people it seems to be something mysterious and scary, and you have a chance to find out what it is by yourself. You will pass it from edge to edge, accompanied by an experienced guide who knows almost everything about Siberia
Lake Baikal
The largest and deepest freshwater lake on the planet. There is more water in Baikal than in all the five Great Lakes of North America taken together. This is a unique and incredibly beautiful place and is one of the main symbols of all of Siberia. You can take a boat trip along the Baikal shore and drive along it by an old Soviet steam train. In Russia, this lake is called sacred and visiting this place, you will understand why.
The capital and heart of Russia. The modern metropolis with a huge number of historical monuments of many eras. The city is more than 870 years old and believe us, there is something to see here. During our half day city tour, you will see the Kremlin and the Red Square, the Bolshoy Theater and the revived Cathedral of Christ the Savior. If you arrive one day before the tour you can walk around the cozy streets of Moscow and see the famous "Stalinist" high-rises - one of which is the biggest university in Russia
The Urals Mountains
It is a mountain range stretching from the North to the South and separating Europe and Asia. There are no high mountains and peaks, but the place is beautiful for its forests, rivers, lakes and natural parks. Here is the Kungur Ice Cave - unique natural site and the city of Yekaterinburg - one of the largest cities in Russia, where the last Russian Emperor was buried
Vladivostok is the "Eastern" capital of Russia, a port city from three sides washed by the Pacific Ocean. It can be compared to San Francisco, the high hills descend to the Golden Horn Bay, many ships in the port, sea lighthouses and a huge bridge leading to the Ruskiy Island. In Soviet Union times, the city was closed for entry even for most citizens of the USSR, but now everyone has the opportunity to get into it

1. You want to Explore Real Mother Russia

2. You want to challenge yourself with long and interesting tour

3. You are not afraid of possible difficulties (rainy, windy, cloudy, cold or hot weather, mosquitoes, technical issues, physical and mental challenges)

4. You want to try Russian vodka with home-made dinner at Lake Baikal

5. You want to try real Siberian banya (Russian steam sauna) with wooden sticks and all other attributes

6. You are in good physical and mental shape

7. You have good riding skills

8. You have at least basic off-road skills

9. You can ride for 500-600 km per day

10. You want to be one of the few who did this tour

1. You can't ride more than 300-400 km per day

2. You want to have 100% comfortable weather during the tour

3. You have no experience in riding gravel roads

4. You can't ride faster than 100 km/h on paved roads

5. You are not very good in turns and twists

6. You want to have only serpentine roads during the tour

7. You want to have more cultural, rather than riding tour
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You arrive to Moscow and we meet you at the airport. In the evening we have a group meeting and welcome dinner to get acquainted with each other and discuss the upcoming tour. From our experience several people will ride their own bikes, but most of the team will be with rented bikes, usually they are R1250GS or F850GS.

On the second day we make a half-day city tour and after that we pack the stuff and make final preparations. We provide you with GPS coordinate for all locations, paper maps, tour programs with daily schedule.

Third day we start riding. During the entire trip you stay in the hotels in the single rooms. Breakfasts are included during all days, meals (lunch and dinner) during the riding days.
There will be one guide riding a motorcycle and another driving a support vehicle with all the luggage, extra bike, spare parts and pharmacy kit. Guides know the route and have advanced technical skills in repairing bikes, just in case something happens.

Most of the days we ride for 500-550 km with plenty of stops for lunch, petrol, photos at interesting spots. We usually start riding at 8 am. and arrive to the hotel by 6-7 pm. Every 3-4 days there is a rest day when we can sleep well, check the bikes, have a city tour or visit some local places of interest and recharge batteries.
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