Altay Mountains and Chuya Highway - One of the Top-10 Roads in the World...
Last time we told you about our TOP-3 tours which we think are the best for the first ride in Russia. Among the list there was our Trans-Siberian Tour, a 25 day's journey which is one of our best-sellers.

But what if you desperately want to visit Siberia but don't have that much time? Well, then making a ride directly to the heart of this vast region, Altay mountains, is exactly what you need.

Golden Mountains of Altay, located in the southern part of central Siberia, is the name of a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of the Altay and Katun Natural Reserves, Lake Teletskoye, Belukha Mountain and the Ukok Plateau. This region represents an important and original center of biodiversity of montane plants and animal species in northern Asia. Some of them are rare and endemic.

Below you will find the key information that will help you to start the trip.

DATES: July-August

Novosibirsk – Belokurikha – Iogach –Teletskoe lake – Aktach – Seminsky pass – Barnaul – Novosibirsk

DURATION: 10 days (7 riding days + 1 rest day + 2 days arrival/departure Novosibirsk Airport)

MILEAGE: 1850 km (1150 miles)

ROAD DESCRIPTION: 80% asphalt, 20% unpaved roads

TOUR LEVEL: Medium-high. There will be dirt roads and mountain passes

PRICE: from 3450 EUR (includes BMW F750/850GS rent, extra charge for 1250GS - 300 EUR)
From our point of view Altay is one of the best destinations in Russia for riding a bike – excellent paved roads, easy gravel roads, no traffic, breathtaking views and mountains.
Best of Siberia: Altay Mountains and Chuya Highway
We start in Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia. Riding down the famous Chuya highway, which is one of the best Top-10 roads for motorcycle riding, we head towards the gorgeous Teletskoe Lake – small brother of Lake Baikal and the real natural gem of the area.
Crossing it with the private ferry and enjoying some off-road trails in the area around we continue riding South to the land of waterfalls and national reserves. You will enjoy numerous mountain ranges; through the sequence of Siberian altitudinal vegetation zones we observe ancient mounds which are the witnesses of nomadic Scythian culture. Fantastic views of the powerful Katun river will accompany us on the way back to Novosibirsk where this outstanding journey will finish.

1. Explore Siberia starting right from its heart – Altay mountains

2. Fantastic views of untouched nature

3. Low traffic and perfect roads with easy gravel segments

4. Culture and mythology of local inhabitants

Key Tour Highlights
Teletskoe Lake
During the tour we cross this small brother of Lake Baikal by ferry. 8 hours needed for that are more than enough to enjoy stunning views everywhere around
Chulishman Valley
One of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world
Chuya Highway
Road that we use during some days, is one of the TOP-10 roads in the world for motorcycle touring
Aboriginals and Their Heritage
First traces of mammoths and ancient humans were found here. Most of the local people are still pagans and you will meet some of them during the tour. Local cuisine, local vocal songs and many other exciting experiences are waiting for you
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