Summer is ahead and we have great pipeline of tours for you – a lot of the Caucasus Mountains (Georgia, Georgia-Armenia, Turkey), Altai Mountains in Siberia, Central Asia (Pamir Highway, Kyrgyzstan), Morocco in October, Patagonia in February 2024...

Life goes fast. It seemed that just yesterday we congratulated you with the new year 2023 and made plans for the season, but its May already. In the first three months of this year, we've done more than 20 tours and enduro trainings, including four tours over Turkeys, two Morocco tours, seven Enduro Trainings, and several other tours. You can see photo reports on our Facebook and Instagram. Sorry we are too busy to make posts on the web site, it's better to follow us on other social media.

Summer is ahead and we have great pipeline of tours for you – a lot of the Caucasus Mountains (Georgia, Georgia-Armenia, Turkey), Altai Mountains in Siberia, Central Asia (Pamir Highway, Kyrgyzstan), Morocco in October, Patagonia in February 2024.

To stay up to date with our tour schedule and availability, you can easily access our tour calendar on our website. Simply click on the following link to view our comprehensive tour calendar:
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Rusmototravel Tour Catalogue
Our long-awaited tour catalogue is now complete after months of dedicated work. We have spent significant time on writing texts, choosing photos, making layout, rewriting and making correctios, proofreading, printing. And finally, its ready. As you receive this newsletter, the catalogues will already be in our office, freshly delivered from the printing house.

We have many customers who ordered catalogue during the winter, we will send you them really soon, now when they are finally ready it's a question of visiting post.

The catalogue is available at no cost, and we are delighted to offer worldwide shipping. If you wish to receive a physical copy of our catalogue, kindly place your order through the link provided below.
Tours in South Caucasus Mountains Region
This year, we have an exciting lineup of tours planned in the breathtaking South Caucasus Mountains. From June to October, we will be offering tours in Georgia, Georgia-Armenia, and Georgia-Turkey-Armenia. All tours will begin and end in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. We bring our bikes to Tbilisi. If you haven't had the opportunity to explore this remarkable region before, we strongly invite you to try.
Pamir Highway Adventure
Our second key location for this summer is Central Asia. We have three tours scheduled across the Pamir Mountains, covering Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. We still have a few spots available for the end of May, but August and September dates are already sold out.

Pamir is a relatively challenging tour, it passes through several countries (which means crossing borders), more than 1000 km of gravel roads, snow-covered mountain passes of 3500-4500 meters. Detailed description on the site.
Kyrgyzstan Tour
Our Kyrgyzstan tour is scheduled for June 15th to 25th. Tour goes through the Tien Shan mountains, Issyk-Kul Lake, hot springs, camel pastures, many mountains passes and serpentines. We will visit a couple of hydroelectric power stations, taste the famous Osh pilaf made from the equally famous Uzgen rice.

The tour is of average difficulty, with some gravel roads, although they are relatively easy to navigate. It presents the perfect balance between thrilling experiences and comfortable exploration of the Kyrgyzstan's natural wonders.
Morocco in October
We recently shared a video on our Facebook page featuring feedback from our Australian customers who travelled on an unforgettable adventure with us in Morocco this past March. They were truly impressed by the country and the unique experiences we provided.

Morocco is a captivating destination that boasts magnificent Sahara dunes and snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Its coastline stretches along the ocean, while cedar forests border scenic canyons. You'll also witness camel caravans traversing the roads, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. The Arab-Berber culture and narrow shopping streets filled with aromatic spices add another layer of fascination to this incredible country.

And that's just a glimpse of what Morocco has to offer. We invite you to join one of our upcoming group tours scheduled for October 1st to 12th or October 14th to 25th. For all the details and information, please visit our website.
Patagonia – Tierra del Fuego
Last but certainly not least, we extend a special invitation to join us next year for an incredible motorcycle tour through the legendary destination of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina.

We've been in Patagonia several times and it was our long idea to do a motorcycle tour other there. Together with you we'll ride across two beautiful countries, enjoy famous road Ruta-40, drive through the mountains along the gorges and river valleys, among the countless fjords, glaciers and ridges.

If we are lucky enough, we might see a piece of huge moving glacier collapse into the water, one of the most spectacular scenes ever. We have a few places left in two groups: the first from January 25th to February 12th, 2024, and the second from February 14th to March 3rd, 2024. Bookings can be made directly through our website using the following link.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the breathtaking wonders of Patagonia with us.

Thank you for reading us, have a good season, looking forward to seeing you. Once again, we remind that full up to date list of tours is available here – CALENDAR. Have a look and we are sure you will find something suitable for yourself. See you!

RMT Team
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