Time goes fast, we just recently closed last riding year and wanted to have rest, but new season is knocking the door. Today we'll talk about Patagonia and Turkey motorcycle tour, let's start with the later...
Hello everyone and welcome to 2023!
Time goes fast, we just recently closed last riding year and wanted to have rest, but new season is knocking the door.

Today we'll talk about Patagonia and Turkey motorcycle tour, let's start with the later.
Motorcycle Tours in Turkey with Rusmototravel
Back in the pre-covid times we were thinking about expansion of the geography of our motorcycle tours. Russia is definitely big and beautiful country, but there are many other interesting places to visit, such as Georgia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir, Morocco, etc.

Turkey was initially in the short list of such perspective destinations and in autumn of 2021 we went there for scouting. We spent almost a month in Turkey, drove 5,000 km, explored not the whole country, but most of it. We came back home and created several routes for motorcycle tours, and almost published them on our web site, but then conflict with Ukraine happened and it changed our plans. But the idea has not gone away…

So, what attracted is in Turkey you may ask? Excellent roads everywhere, even where there should be no roads at all.

Very beautiful scenery and views. There are many mountains and lakes in the center of Turkey, the Black Sea in the north, the Aegean in the west, the Mediterranean in the south.

Excellent tourist infrastructure, first of all hotels, but also museums, restaurants and cafes.

Warm climate, especially during spring and summer. And for sure we loved rich with history and culture of ancient Anatolia and Ottoman Empire. Human civilization came from this area, there are so many things to see here.

Turkey is a big country and because there are too many interesting places to visit, we decide to divide Turkey into several tours, and explore this country step by step. For better visualization we made a map of our motorcycle tours in Turkey.
Turkey Motorcycle Tour: Istanbul, Dardanelles, Troy, Izmir, Afyon, Ankara, Sinop
Tour #1 starts from Istanbul and takes places in April and October. It's a 10-day adventure, we rent motorcycles from local partners, local rental company in Turkey.
Southwest Turkey Motorcycle Tour: Antalya, Kas, Fethiye, Ephesus, Hierapolis
Tour #2 is an 8-day tour from Antalya, excellent in March and November. We rent bikes from local company is well.
Turkey – Cappadocia: Kars, Konya, Ankara, Trabzon. Tour of the ancient Anatolian Kingdom
Tour #3 is a 14-days tour from Tbilisi (capital of Georgia). In this ride we use our motorcycles, that we bring to Georgia.
Tour #4 is a 12-day ride from Antalya as well, but it is not ready yet, we need to scout some places in Eastern Turkey, will publish that tour later.

All listed above tours are asphalted/paved. In Turkey we work with several rental companies, they provide Honda Africa Twin, Honda NC 750, Yamaha Tenere 700 and Super Tenere 1200, BMW F800GS, R1200GS Adv and R1250GS Adv.

p.s.: we also do 18 days Georgia – Turkey – Armenia tour and 12 days off-road Georgia – Eastern Turkey adventure ride. You can find description at our web site as well.
Patagonia Motorcycle Tour with Rusmototravel
Last year we were asked several times by our guests about Patagonia. We promised to think about it and, if possible, to make such tour. Well, we thought, planned and even preliminary booked motorcycles in Chile for such ride in 2024.

Patagonia is an iconic destination – Latin America, Chile and Argentina, wine and steaks, llamas and the Andes. By the way, the latter are the longest and one of the highest mountain systems of the Earth. Which do you think are the highest? That's right, Pamir, that's why Pamir is also called the "Roof of the World". By the way we do tours to Pamir as well, here are details:

Back to Patagonia. Start in Osorno, finish in Punta Arenas, both are Chile cities.

We have 19 days and 4000 km of adventure riding. Tour is one way, first group goes from top to bottom, the second back. There will be approx. 15-20% of gravel roads, and it's worth saying the weather in the South is changeable, even in summer it can be "cool". Fortunately, it's another hemisphere and our tour will take place in January-February, this is their July-August, the warmest time of the year.

What ride Patagonia? First of all, to visit Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia, the southernmost part of the Earth, from here it is only nothing to the South Pole, where the glaciers are melting right now.

You will ride Ruta 40 and see llamas, plus enjoy the Andes Mountain Range.

On our web site we posted the first two photos with motorcycles of our partners from Chile, and the rest of the photos are ours, Roma Grishin and Alex Rubtsov travelled to Patagonia something around ten years ago. On the last photo there is "Legend" (Alex R) with his Honda Africa Twin motorcycle, which he brought from Russia to Ushuaia, fantastic!!!

Thanks for reading this newsletter, have a good January and we look forward to seeing you in one of our motorcycle tours.

RMT Team
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