How we spent first half of 2022 and what is coming next...
Dear friends,
Its already July here and half of the season have passed. Pretty quickly I must say. In this newsletter we will give you overview of what we did during past months and what is coming next. Let's start without much prelude.
1H 2022 Results
In the first half of the year despite situation with Ukraine and sanctions we worked well. We started in February with enduro training and Morocco Tours, then from April there were tours in the Caucasus Region (Elbrus, Dagestan, Abkhazia, Ossetia), weekend tours from Moscow, tours in Armenia and scout ride of the RMT Caucasus Rally 2022 and Georgia.

We had no time to sort out all photos and materials we have after those rides, but here is brief selection of some tour reports that we did. We will sort photos from other tours later and will share them in the coming newsletters.
Dagestan Tour, 01-10 May
In May we did several tours along the North Caucasus region. Here are some photos from one of that tours. There was a group of 5 riders plus guide from RMT on motorcycle and support vehicle...
Sochi - Vladikavkaz Tour, 30 April - 09 May
This year we introduced new tour along the Caucasus Mountains, its a one-way ride from Sochi to Vladikavkaz (and vice versa). Very nice, interesting and picturesque route...
Morocco Tour, 01-12 March
In the beginning of March we did another tour to Morocco. Group of 7 riders joined us to travel over this beautiful country and enjoy local cuisine, learn more about history of this ancient kingdom, enjoy riding motorcycles...
Dagestan Tour, 11-20 May
On May 11-20 our second tour along the North Caucasus Mountains took place. Another group of 8 riders explored this part of Russia with us...
Sochi - Vladikavkaz Tour, 23-30 April
Another tour took place in the end of April. Group of 7 friends with several passengers traveled with us from Sochi to Elbrus Mountain and further to Vladikavkaz. Good weather, greap company, excellent bikes and as always nice roads and views...
Abkhazia Tour, 20-25 April
This year we already did several tours to Abkhazia. There is no sense to repeat once again that we visited the Ritsa Lake, Stalin's residence, Mokva monastery, Ambara temple, Tkuarchal old abandoned city and other places we usually visit in this tour, just look at the photos...
Morocco Tour, 17-28 February
At the end of February and at the beginning of March we did several tours in Morocco, and today we want to share photos from these tours...
New tours to Georgia and Armenia
In June we did several tours to Georgia and Armenia. We had no time to write reports yet, but we updated the photos of the tour's description on our web site, so you can see fresh pictures from these countries.
Georgia. Next tour starts in September 2022.
Armenia. Don't have fixed dates, several private groups booked that destination with us, we can offer you dates upon request.
Video from Dagestan Tour
In May we had guests in our Dagestan tour, our frequent customers, and they did funny movie about their ride. There was a long 12 minutes movie for group participants and short 4 minutes, so called, the backstage. I watched it several time, well done!
From July and till the end of the year we have a lot of tours to take place: Altai Mountains, Sakhalin Island, Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan Mountains, Georgia and Morocco, Elbrus and Dagestan and many other tours. You can see full calendar on our web site.

Because of sanctions and complicated global situation, it's a bit problematic to travel to Russia now. Still, we have several international tours, that start in other countries in 2022 or 2023, and I decided to give you short overview of such international tours, that do not require travelling to Russia.

May be in can be interesting for you.
Kyrgyzstan: the Tien Shan Mountains and the Lake Issyk-Kul
9-day tour that start/finish in Bishkek, capital. There are places available in August and September 2022.
Morocco: 12-days Tour That Starts/Finish in Marrakesh
Very balanced tours with great variety of landscapes and roads. Dates available October 2022 and March 2023.
Pamir Highway: Roof of the World
Adventure tour with plenty of gravel roads, 16 days. Tour start/finish in Bishkek. For this year we have few places left in September 10-25 tour, but there are tensions on the Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan border, we are not sure if that year that tour will take place, next year looks more promising.
True Georgia: Tour to the Most Interesting Places of the Ancient Kingdom
Very popular destination among Russians because of nice roads, mountains, great food, and hospitality of local people. Our current tour starts in Vladikavkaz (Russia) but we can move bikes for you to Tbilisi directly and you can start right from there.
Armenia: the Land of the Gods and the Cradle of Civilization.
Another country located in the Caucasus region, nice and interesting in terms of roads, history and views. 8 days, start/finish Erevan, capital.
Georgia + Armenia – this tour in not published yet, but we think if you decide to travel to Georgia or Armenia, it make sense to make 15 days Georgia (9 days) + Armenia (4 days) tour + (2 days) departure/arrival. This tour will start/finish in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. We can send you itinerary upon request.

All these counties are open for travelling, there are no covid restrictions.
That's it for now. We are leaving in a few days for the Altai tour, then Sakhalin, then Stans (Kyrgyzstan) and after that Georgia.

Next newsletter will come in September most probably. We will try to do one more in August, but can't promise, September looks more realistic.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via or you can send me private e-mail. Follow us in Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.

Have a good week, nice riding season and see you soon!
Yours, Alex, Olesya and RMT Team

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