Lets look forward into forthcoming season 2022. So, what is going on to happen soon?..
Dear friends,
As you read this e-mail, we are finishing our last enduro training course and now we can finally say, that 2021 riding season is closed. It was extremely interesting and bright motorcycle season, with many challenges and under constantly changing external conditions, but we are proud to be here, even stronger that before.

If you are subscribed to our newsletters, travelled with us, or simply chatted with me or our back-office crew you probably know some of the issues we faced this year, but let's not repeat what was already told many times about covid, travel restrictions, etc., lets look forward into forthcoming season 2022.

So, what is going on to happen soon?
Moscow – Kazakhstan – Mongolia – Magadan (Road of Bones): Nomad Trails, 46 Days Expedition in May-June 2022, 2 Places Left
This tour was scheduled for 2020/2021, but because of covid could not take place. We moved dates into 2022 and we think that with 99% it will happen. There is always a chance that something will go wrong, but as we understand the situation – all will be fine.

This epic adventure starts in Moscow, the heart of Russia, and going along Volga brings us to Caspian Sea. It continues in boundless Kazakh steppes and passes Altay mountains by legendary Chuya highway reaching no man's lands of Mongolia. Riding through a breathtaking landscape we reach Baikal lake - the pearl of Siberia. We continue to the Road of Bones to reach our ultimate goal – Magadan.

We have almost full group for that tour, those of you who signed in will soon receive e-mails from us with info regarding tour guides, group members and next steps. But may be among our subscribers there are several adventure riders that will join us as well, booking last free places?

Detailed tour description you can fine here:
DATES: 15 May – 30 June 2022

DURATION: 46 days

MILLAGE: 13 000 km

Possible with rented (R1250GS, F750/850GS) or own bike

Only for experienced riders as there are gravel roads in Mongolia and Road of Bones

We can help you make business visa for Russia. We can help you bring your own bikes to Russia. For more details, please contact us at info@rusmototravel.com
Moscow – Vladivostok Tours in June, July and August, Last Places Left
Another legendary route, another must ride adventure, this time asphalted/paved tour. We did Moscow – Vladivostok 18 times already, including 2 tours in 2021, despite corona and other obstacles.

For 2022 we are committed to run 5 tours from Moscow to Vladivostok and vice versa. Our June, July and August 2022 Moscow-Vladivostok groups are almost full, and we will send pre tour info to participants in the coming weeks.

We understand that situation can change because of covid and changing travel rules, but we are confident after that season, that we can run all scheduled for 2022 tours. Tourism recovered this year, next year will be even better. Vaccination is going globally, vaccine passports were introduced by many countries, countries recognize vaccines of other countries.

Now we have free places available in August Vladivostok – Moscow tour and we kindly invite you to join us. You will see 23 different regions, explore Siberia and Far East, visit Lake Baikal and Pacific Ocean, ancient towns, and small villages, try local cuisine, learn more about culture, history, people.

Here is detailed tour description, take your time to think about this tour and join us for a once in a lifetime adventure.
Ride Reports From Summer Tours: Kola Peninsula, North Caucasus, Karelia, Golden Ring...
Last, but not least, we sorted photos from more tours that took place this year and made plenty of new ride reports. If you want to visit Russia but don't know to expect from tour with us, what people will be in the group, what roads we ride, what places we visit, what bike we use – please look these photo reports to get the spirit of adventure with Rusmototravel (RMT).

In last newsletter we posted 10 ride reports, today we kindly offer you 8 more ride reports.
Folks, thanks for reading this newsletter. You can find more information about us on our web site, here is calendar https://www.rusmototravel.com/calendar and here list of tours https://www.rusmototravel.com/tours

Next time, in December, we will talk more about summer tours from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg and along the Golden Ring. And, a little more detail about spring Sochi - Elbrus, Sochi - Crimea, Sochi - Moscow tours.

Take care and stay healthy, see you soon!

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