What a world we live in? Last year we though that with the creation of vaccines and mass vaccination situation will improve by summer and we will be able to travel again without problems....
Hi Folks,

What a world we live in? Last year we though that with the creation of vaccines and mass vaccination situation will improve by summer and we will be able to travel again without problems. But new mutations, slow vaccination in some regions/countries, controversial policy of authorities, when after vaccination people still can't travel or visit some places – all this creates a bit of a mess.

But we don't give up and do what we can in the current situation. With international travelling still problematic we focus more on the local marker and do more tours for Russians.
This year we launched several new destinations – in June we did our first guided tour along the North Caucasus Mountains to Dagestan. In July we did several tours to Murmansk and Rybachiy Peninsula – its Russian Nord Cape, same severe and beautiful place/region, right near the Artic. In August we will do our first tour to Kazan.

All that in addition to already classic Sochi-Elbrus, Sochi-Crimea, Moscow-Elbrus-Sochi, Moscow-Vladivostok, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg-Karelia, Altay Mountains in Siberia, Enduro trainings and weekend tours that we run same time. So, despite corona, this season is very busy for us.
When international travelling will be fully resumed? We don't know for sure, but we see that situation is improving. Russia step by step opens borders with other countries, since June Newsletter air connection and travelling was resumed with USA, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and plenty of other countries, in total Russia opened its borders with 47 so far.

Just few days ago we learned that from August air connection will be resumed with France and Czech Republic. We Hope Canada, Brazil, Argentina and other countries will follow soon.

Despite still half open borders we have international travelers in Russia – less than in the previous year, but rides come, and we are delighted to show them our motherland. During June and July, we had guests from Swiss, Austria, Germany, India and several other countries, who traveled with us from Moscow to Vladivostok, through the Altai Mountains in Siberia, from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, just rented bikes for self-guided tours.
Our schedule for August-October 2021 remains the same – we are going to run all planned tours, those include Moscow-Elbrus-Sochi, Sochi-Elbrus, Sochi-Crimea, Moscow-Vladivostok, Altay Mountains, etc. You can see full calendar via the link below.

We expect more international customers will join us this fall, from Mexico and USA, France and Italy, Belgium and Poland, Luxembourg and Austria, Germany and India. And we kindly invite YOU to think about coming to Russia for a guided or self-guided motorcycle tour with us as well. It can be this year, something for September or October, or next year. Our calendar for 2022 is already available and some tours are sold out.
Post scriptum – what is the situation with corona in Russia?
It's all good. If you don't watch TV and follow daily numbers on the internet you can actually be not aware of anything happening around. People travel, use public transport, visit cinemas and museums, pubs and restaurants, children go to schools, hotels accept tourists, people walk in the parks, play football.

There was a rise in daily cases in Moscow in June 3x times because of delta spread, but figures fell 3x times in a few weeks, mostly because of mass vaccination of Moscow citizens (those not vaccinated took a shot finally).

Total cases in Russia increased in June because of delta 2x times, but figures are going down already and there are no restrictions/lockdowns. People are vaccinated and situation is improving.
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