Borders are Reopening, and We Look Forward to Seeing You in Russia...
Dear friends,

This year we had good start, during past months 200 local riders traveled with us to Elbrus, Abkhazia and Crimea, Saint-Petersburg, Smolensk, Valday, participated in Enduro Training courses. More to come, as we soon start our Trans-Siberian Tours, Altai Mountains rides, Dagestan, the Caucasus Explorer, and others.

After intense spring we plan to take a short break in the beginning of June, to repair and slightly renew fleet of bikes, arrange logistics, prepare everything for summer tours, recharge our own batteries (some guides are away from home for 3 months already).
Almost every week there are positive news re borders reopening and that is inspiring. So far, starting from last year summer, Russia has opened its borders and resumed travelling with 30+ countries.

During winter and spring Germany, Switzerland, Singapore Greece, Egypt, Finland, India, Cuba, Japan, South Korea were added to that list.

Last week Mexico, Portugal, Malta, Iceland, and UAE. Just few days ago we learned that air travel is resumed with Britain, Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Croatia, Mauritius, and Morocco.

We hope in the coming weeks France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa will be added to that list as well.
Sometimes you ask, what is lifelike in Russia? Well, in the south part of Russia, in Sochi, Krasnodar, Crimea, people almost forgot about corona. Everything is open, people move freely, take boat trips along the Black Sea coast, travel with us in motorcycle tours, enjoy tracking in the mountains, etc. In big cities, like Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, masks are required in metro, when entering shopping malls, etc.

Everywhere all business are open, so you can take a glass of beer in bar or restaurant, travel, book hotels, visit museums, shopping malls, sport games, etc. Life is going like in good old times.

You can travel inside Russia without any restriction, no PCR tests are required to board on plane. So, if you are flying Moscow-Sochi, or Vladivostok-Moscow you just board on plane. If you need PCR test for returning to your homeland, to Germany, for example, tests are available in the airports or in the cities in labs near, they cost 20-30 Euro, results are available within 24 hours, for express tests ~40 Euro and in 2-3 hours.

So far 30 mln. people received their shots of vaccine in Russia, that is ~20% of population (145 mln people live in Russia). We are not leaders in that number, but vaccination is going and those who want can get his shot without any problems.
This July we will run our first 2021 Trans-Siberian tour and if you are citizen of countries with which Russian resumed air connection and travelling – please feel free to join us. After almost year-long quarantine long ride, like the Trans-Siberian Route, will be an excellent adventure. There are few last places left. We run one more Moscow-Vladivostok Tour in August.

There are other tours in our calendar for summer and autumn, please see calendar of tours here - and list of all tours here -

If there are any questions, contact us via

On behalf of our team, we wish you stay healthy and positive, everything will improve soon!

See you, from Russia with Love!
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