15 Tours in April, 9 New Bikes, Summer is Coming...
Dear friends,

Its beginning of May and with a small delay we finally send you our April-May newsletter. Past month was very-very busy for us – we purchased 9 new bikes and did almost 15 tours with local riders. There were six Enduro Trainings, five times we went to Abkhazia, there was a trip to Crimea, another one to Elbrus, several private tours. When you read this newsletter, another group is going to Crimea, we do one more Enduro and one more Sochi-Elbrus Tour.

Situation in Russia is good, everything is open and there is no restriction for travelling or any other activities. So local riders, being limited with international travelling prefer to ride with us. That is good, as we have high utilization for bikes and guides and even restored our fleet after last year forced sale of part of the garage to support operations. We are recovering and we sincerely hope that during the summer situation with covid will improve and not only local, but our international customers will be able to join us.

At the moment situation looks not very bright, to be honest. Russia resumed travelling with Finland, Switzerland, Germany, UK (temporary on hold till end of May) and 20+ other countries, but most of Europe is still closed, travelling with USA, Canada, Australia is prohibited.

We follow global news and there are talks France will not open its borders till end of summer, Australia till autumn, USA do not recommend international travelling without important reason. We think that its more about politics, rather then common sense and peoples interests nowadays. Once you are vaccinated why can't you travel? That's what we all expected last year, we waited for vaccine, but it is here and many already were vaccinated. Still removing barriers that were placed takes longer time, than all expected.

Anyway, earlier or later that will happen and be sure, we will be at place to meet you. Meanwhile please have a look at ride reports from recent tours.
For this summer many of you booked with us Trans-Siberian tours, Moscow - Saint-Petersburg, Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Karelia, Altay, Crimea, Elbrus, Georgia tours.

Riders from Germany, Finland and plenty of other countries have no restrictions to visit Russia and we look forward to seeing you soon. We will start visa application after 10th of May with those who need it. To visit Russia its necessary to make PCR test 72 hours before arrival, nothing more. Vaccination is not required, no tests upon arrival, not isolation/quarantine.

Riders from USA, Canada, Italy, France, Austria and many other countries can't visit Russia at the moment with travel/tourism purposes, but we sincerely hope that will change in the coming months. There are talks border with Italy will open from 3rd of June, with other European countries approx. same time. Hope our governments will find a win-win solution and will open borders on mutual basis.

We follow the situation and hope everything will improve really soon.
On behalf of all RMT team we wish you stay healthy and positive in these times. Enjoy riding your bikes and travelling, doesn't matter where, when and how long, even short trip brings more positive emotions that reading newspapers.

That's it for now, Roma, Vlad, Anton, Alex, Alex Big, Artem, Mike, Alex N, Dima and Max wish you good health and positive mood.

Dear friends, we miss you and can't but wait to ride together.

From Russia with Love!

p.s.: next newsletter will come in June, during the season we will send them every 2 months.
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